Sunday, 28 May 2017

Wonder Woman, I'll Pass.

There is a minor storm surrounding this film at the moment, mostly down to the fact that a certain movie theatre only offering women only screenings. Radical feminists are celebrating this and the "male tears" at the apparent reaction to it (not as much as made out either, I have seen more mockery than anything) and the fact that the film is being lead by a "strong female character". I've watched this film develop slowly for a while and at first I'll be honest, it looked good, but then I started to change my mind.

First off, I should point out that Wonder Woman was the best of Batman Vs Superman in my opinion. Her entrance into the film is its highlight and I was sold in terms of her being an awesome character on screen. I was one of the many who doubted Gal Gadot's casting as the character but was happy to have been proven wrong when I saw her in action. When I heard of her approaching film, I thought it would be interesting. However, when the story of the film became clear, I suddenly found myself being turned off to the point where I am no longer interested.

First off, it is set in the first world war and that is an overused setting for any story by now. Then there is the fact that the main villains are Nazis.
Give me a break.
Be it video games or films, Nazis have quite frankly been done to death now and for them to fall back on them once again was quite frankly lazy to me. I know that some people will point out this was her origin story in the comics and fair enough, it was the same with Captain America. The problem is that DC has revamped her origin story time and time again and it seems that using the world war origin was again, lazy. Such a big deal has been made over the movie of this character, it is not unreasonable to suggest a better origin story or villain could have been used here.

It bugs me that it is an origin story as I can't stand those things. I do not see the point in seeing a movie where we pretty much know how the story ends, who will live and who will die, and most importantly, that the main character comes out alright in the end. That makes this movie nothing more than a simple popcorn flick to me, and that made me lose interest.

Hollywood has long been on the path of making movies that they know will make money, whilst giving little effort to the content. For those who are going to see this movie and will enjoy it, I hope you really do. Sadly for me, this one goes into the same section as Rogue One; all style and no apparent substance.
I'll pass.


  1. Justin

    Since you found the origin story to be a case of lazy writing what would you have written if you were the scriptwriter?
    I disagree in part about WWI, if the scriptwriter had both of a sense of tragedy snd history, they could've presented Diana as a classical figure who's aghast and appalled by the utterly mindless passion for civilizational suicide. I'm sure the audience would kink it to what's happening on campus and with the jihadists.
    If i were the scriptwriter, i wouldn't bother with the origin story but have here return to man's world because an anti life evil reappears in a new guise.

    Thanks for your thoughts about the movie. I might watch when it's on streaming


    1. Hello and thank you for the response.
      First of all, I really loved what you said you would do if you were screen writer, because you said the key word; "new". I also see your point about WW1 and admit that perhaps I should have considered that. However, I still think it is an overused plot device but we have to agree to disagree on that maybe.

      What would I have done? I would have taken a similar approach to what The Incredible Hulk movie did. The prologue of the film is the origin of the character and then have the rest of the film to tell the story. As to what story? I would have come up with a new threat, a new villain of some kind that would be more than a match for Diana. I would have given her plenty to struggle against and really put her through physical and mental hell. Why? Because I would want the audience to really come to root for her and when she beats the villain at the end.... Well, I would want an explosive finish to the battle. Kind of like a "smile you son of a bitch" moment perhaps.

  2. Justin

    Thanks for comments. I see your point about WWI. Also I like your choice for the Wonder women script.

    The tough part is the villian:) I like the idea of an anti life villain who's very charming but false

    .O and I forgot about Steve Trevor.i'd want to write him as a manly man who's loyal brave gallant damn smart if a little full of himself.

    unlike Marsden and other writers, i wouldn't frustrate the audience and have them fall in love but using the Bacall Bogart type dialogue to add some humorous sexuality tension. I haven't figured out how to work that playfulness when Diana disguises herself as Steve's assisstant.

    Thanks again for your response and thoughts about an alternative script for the movie.