Saturday, 27 May 2017

So I Read... X O Manowar.

Valiant Comics.
Wow, I have not thought about any comics from that company for a very long time.
I was in my local comic shop, talking to the owner, and I wondered out loud what was new. One of his employees recommended the new X O series to me, a character I had briefly been aware of back in my youth. I humored him and picked up the first two issues and then the third the other day. To say the least, I was blown away by what I read.

The main character, Aric or "Urth", lives a peaceful life farming on the planet of Gorin. He has left behind his life of fighting, abandoned the powerful armor that made him what he was and lives with Schon, a woman of the Azure race whom he loves. Sadly, war comes to the planet and he is recruited to fight against his will to fight with Schon helplessly watching as he is taken away.

It is a great story. I always loved the theme of a hero who walked away from the fighting to live a peaceful life and Matt Kindt does a great job telling it. I found myself rooting for Aric as he was pulled away from his home to fight in a war where he was basically going to be canon fodder. The artwork by Tomas Giorello is nothing short of beautiful, I would usually point to a specific example but with this comic, I really can't because his efforts showed beautifully on every page. Be it either a scene where Aric is working the fields of his farm, in bed with Schon, or in the middle of the battle, it is great to look at. Diego Rodriguez's coloring enhances the artwork ten-fold, my favorite scenes are the ones in the night, especially in issue two. The production value is clearly seen with the covers too as so far, the issues have been glossy cardboard and I really liked that.

Sadly though, the series does suffer from the usual problem, of which I am about to complain about here. There are three issues in the series at the time of writing this, but there are twenty different variants. eleven for issue one, five for issue two and four for issue three. The pricing for some of them is pretty ridiculous too, one is valued at $100, another at $65, but the worst of all is the brushed metal variant for issue one that is valued at $1000. I can only look at that and shake my head as I cannot figure out how someone could come up with that kind of a price, so what if there are only five hundred copies available? I do wish that companies could price comics like this a little more sensibly because believe it or not, not all of us can afford something like that.

Forgetting that though, this comic series is really worth picking up because it tells a great story. Do yourself a favor and take a look, you won't regret it, just ignore the variants unless you have deep pockets.

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