Saturday, 27 May 2017

So I Read... Rose.

These days I am always on the lookout for any new stuff from the independent publishers. As I have said before, it is where the better stuff can be found and Rose is a great example of this. I became aware of it after it was mentioned by the Image Comics Twitter account a little while ago and I am glad I did.

After her village is burned down by the forces of an evil queen, the titular heroine of the story flees for her life and meets up with a band of rebels who know the queen's evil. Rose wants revenge, and the rebels want to help her.

Granted, the story is only two issues in at the time of writing this, but I really enjoyed what I have read so far. The first issue started with a note of thanks from the writer, Meredith Finch, something I don't see that often. To me, when a writer puts a thank you note like that in their comic, it says that they really care about the product they have produced. I like that, I really do, because that is a writer who's work I want to follow. When it comes to the artwork, IG Guara does a brilliant job, either with the queen's evil looks or the look on Rose's face when her home burns around her. It is a far cry from the cartoony crap being peddled by Marvel comics these days.

Variant covers will always be a gripe of mine because some companies really overdo it. With Rose, there has been sensible with the amount done with only three for each issue so far. It must be noted that one for the first issue was a second print so that does not count. First off, two variants for issues one and two have been done by Dave Finch, the writer's husband. I have been a massive fan of his work since the days of CyberForce and Ascension, so I was really pleased to see that. One of the other variants for issue one was a gold logo edition, something we really don't get enough of these days and I find that a shame.

I will be collecting this series because it has started with a strong opening. It has a great writer and a great artist to keep it going, I will certainly be in it for the long haul. Want a good reason why the independent companies are doing it better than the big ones? Rose is a good place to start.

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