Friday, 5 August 2016

Explain the name.

Most weekends my parents would take me and my brothers to my grandmother's when we were younger and in the days it was cool to visit your relatives. My auntie lived my gran and acted as her carer because she was disabled and whilst she also was happy to have us children around to visit; when we were bored we began to fidget and that annoyed her. One weekend which I now think of as a fateful one, my auntie became annoyed at my fidgeting and handed me an A4 notepad and a pen and said: "here, write a story or something will you." I looked at the pad for a while and tried to think of something to write about but nothing came to me at first because it was new ground I was treading on; nothing was coming at all.

But then I thought about my computer games.

I had been playing computer games for a while and had gotten into them shortly after comics, I always loved to have a story running in my head when I played them. One that I had played on my Commodore 64 was called The Ninja Warriors, a one or two player game where you took up the role of a cyborg ninja or ninjas who have to break into the headquarters of and kill an evil megalomaniac. I wrote my version of the story of the game, accompanied it with some crappy pencil drawings, drew it a front cover and tied it all together with some knitting wool and looked at it with some pride. I continued to write little stories when I got home with the terrible handwriting I still have today (my wife calls it Chicken Scratch) and eventually I was brought a typewriter as encouragement and the sound of that little device became a familiar sound from my bedroom. Most of the stories that I wrote when I was younger have long since disappeared but I found one the other day in a package of things my parents sent over, it is called The Hand of Houngan and it is quite cringeworthy to read but it is also a reminder of when I started writing and as a result resides in my desk.

So why do this blog?

I took a massive break from gaming at the beginning of 2016 and fully returned to comic collecting after ten plus years because I had a family with a wonderful woman who knows me better than I know myself. Comics were always my first love and as I picked up my own writing again I looked at what was happening to them and felt so disappointed. The big two, Marvel and DC, have either screwed up their characters and continuity, chased off their fans in favour of these Social Justice Warriors, or both. It angers me that these idiots, who most likely do not even buy comics (the drop in sales numbers back this up) now not only can dictate the content but have now gotten into (or infected) the business and have helped ruin some of the best characters out there. So whilst I was writing my own book I decided to take a stand against this sort of thing, be it in comics, movies, books or games and this blog will be home to my writings of each one. I will do my own reviews or thought pieces on these things and hope that people like them enough to keep coming back. Maybe even a piece or two about my own writing may pop in along the way, who knows but either way, I will be grateful to anyone who visits this blog to read because unlike some of the people at Marvel, DC and so on, I will not insult my own audience. I will cherish them.

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